About us

My entrepreneurial dream

I began my career a decade ago as a junior salesperson with a dream. During this initial period, I mastered the art of sales through trial and error. Over the following years, I accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, refining my approach within various commercial roles such as account manager, partner manager, and sales manager, spanning different companies and industries.

However, the pinnacle of my career came with the founding of Xpand Sales. This marked the realization of the dream I had nurtured as a junior salesperson. After years of setbacks, memorable successes, and invaluable lessons, I molded my unique style and used it as the blueprint for establishing Xpand Sales. Through Xpand Sales, I assist organizations and entrepreneurs through freelance/interim assignments tailored specifically to the unique and often challenging needs of organizations – from small startups to large corporations.

Company Profile

As an independent sales professional, I am deeply passionate about the field of sales and place significant importance on my personal and professional growth. Continuous development is essential for success in sales. My expertise lies in achieving sales goals and working with targets – always seeking ways to enhance performance and encourage innovation in approaches. Thanks to my experience across various organizations and industries, I can contribute to streamlining and optimizing your sales organization and all related processes.

As a freelance professional, I am characterized by my flexibility, results-oriented mindset, and excellent communication skills. I am driven by building strong, sustainable customer relationships and closing lucrative deals that leave nothing to be desired. I am dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals and am constantly on the lookout for new challenges to let my expertise flourish.

So, what exactly is my expertise? I specialize both in depth and breadth in the field of sales, with a strong focus on B2B consultative selling and solution selling. My experience spans various sectors, including media, (digital) marketing, adtech, SAAS (Software as a Service), DAAS (Data as a Service), telecom, and IT. Within these diverse industries, I have acquired valuable knowledge and honed practical skills. My extensive background enables me to assist organizations in optimizing their sales strategies and thriving in the dynamic markets in which they operate.

For detailed insights into how my expertise can support your organization’s growth and commercial success, I invite you to explore our available services. Here, you will find comprehensive information about the specific services I offer.

I firmly believe that my success hinges on my ability to add value for you as a customer. I am committed to helping organizations grow through my sharp sales skills and unwavering enthusiasm. Perhaps, I find the most joy in collaborations with individuals who also prioritize growth, development, and results. Does this resonate with you?