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At Otentica, we were looking for an independent sales professional who could operate from A to Z. Jaouad from Xpand Sales not only increased our deals but also optimized our entire sales process.

Francis van Rooij - Co-Founder
MSI Consultants

Jaouad is a sympathetic and enthusiastic person. He is a highly skilled salesperson, highly committed and focused on adding value to his customers.

Joelle Boersma - Co-Founder

Jaouad is very good at translating customer demands on the one hand and deploying solutions towards customers on the other. He is definitely one of the most professional sales people I have worked with.

Berry Punt - Marketing Manager

I got to know Jaouad as a reliable individual whom I could always rely on. With his expertise and strong work ethic, he was always there for his clients. Jaouad doesn’t have a 9-to-5 mentality. He always seeks the right solution and goes the extra mile.

Marlon Deekman - Managing Director

Had the pleasure to work with Jaouad at a leading distributor in the dutch telecom market. Jaouad is an energetic and no-nonsense accountmanager that puts his customer at the first place without forgetting his internal teams. He paved the path for others to succeed on. To all future colleagues of Jaouad; Give him the same energy he gives you and you’ll form a great team!

Marcel Middelkoop - Senior Project Coordinator

Jaouad is a pleasant person to work with. He approaches his work with a lot of passion and energy, which allows him to inspire and convince people. He is a reliable individual that you can always count on as a colleague.

Antonio Sanches - Salesmanager